Meet the F&B providers

Meet the provides for food & beverage of China!
This page is dedicated to interviews so that you can get to know better who the food providers in China are, what they offer and what differentiates them from the others.

I will also publish here reviews of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and products!


flyer Aug2016Interview with Salvador – aka Mr. Avocado!

Avocados, I love you! Yes I do: they are healthy and super good for us, they are so versatile in the kitchen and can be used to replace so many ingredients, you can bake with them, you can make pasta sauce and pesto, you can blend them in your morning smoothie, you can spread on toast to replace butter…Keep reading



waffles expatcucinaInterview with GoGetWaffles – Sweet Breakfast Home Delivered!
Who does not love waffles? I believe ALL of you reading this, but…who does know how to make them or have a waffle machine at home?…I believe not too many. Well, you guys can cheer up because now in Shanghai there is a home-delivery Belgian waffles service which will get you soft, sweet waffles at your doorstep.

I have met and interviewed the guys of GoGetWaffles to discover a bit more about their service!…Keep reading



image6Interview with MAVI – Artisan Chocolate and Gourmet Desserts!

Today we talk about artisan chocolate and gourmet dessert.

Today we talk about artisan chocolate and gourmet dessert made in Shanghai.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, I was just as surprised as you might be now when I first discovered MAVI shop in Xintiandi. I can smell chocolate and cakes from miles and I guess that’s how I have been able to find this little shop on Zizhong road on a cold and rainy winter night…Keep reading


Pierre's Foie Gras + LogoInterview with Pierre’s Foie Gras – French Home Flavors in Shanghai

We all do have that one food that we desperately miss from home. It can be mama’s lasagna, a juicy steak or a homemade sauce. For Pierre is was his grandma’s foie gras! Until he decided to make his very own and sell here in China one of the most authentic and famous flavor of the French cuisine!

I have met Pierre at a food tasting a few months ago and …Keep reading


epermarket logo newInterview with Epermarket – Better Quality, Better Life

In an attempt to discover more and better food providers in Shanghai, my interview serial goes on. Today is the time of Epermarket, which is also celebrating its 4th year anniversary with special promotions (50% to 30% off) on many items.

Here is what I have discovered about them!…Keep reading



saucepanInterview with Saucepan – Healthy meals simply delivered

We have all been there: we get home after a hectic day at the office, we are exhausted, no energy but to just slip off our shoes and go lay on the couch. But we are hungry, so we reach out to Sherpa’s delivery directory and get (most of the time) some unhealthy meal we regret of immediately when we get on our scale the following morning…Keep reading




Interview with Alce Nero – Organic products from the fields to your plate!

organic, Organic, ORGANIC!!!
I feel like this word is shout it out at every corner, on every websites. Organic vegetables, organic pasta, organic fruit. But what does it mean to be organic? Who can we trust and who can we not?…keep reading


1Interview with FIELDS China – safe and quality groceries delivered to your door

Many are the online supermarkets in Shanghai that conveniently deliver to your doorstep. Few are the one that are reliable and professional. Today I have interviewed one of the first online supermarket, FIELDS CHINA, which is well known for delivery safe and quality groceries all over the country…keep reading