Pan-Fried Tofu

Pan-fried Tofu is a super simple recipe to make tofu in an unconventional way!

Per la ricetta in ITALIANO, clicca QUI!

WARNING! This is not a traditional Chinese recipe to make tofu, in fact I have never eaten tofu in china nor seen tofu made this way. This is just my “fusion” way to cook tofu in a quick and easy way with just a bunch of simple ingredients.

For this recipe you will need firm tofu (the silken type will not work), which here in Shanghai is sold at any wet market and is SUPER cheap! Feel free to add some paprika or dry chilli powder if you want to add some extra spiciness to the dish!


  • 200 g firm tofu
  • oil
  • breadcrumbs
  • salt and pepper

Slice up the tofu into 1cm-1.5cm slices, then cut each slice in half

In a plate stir together breadcrumbs, salt and pepper (paprika or chili powder if you fancy).

Coat well on both sides each tofu slice in the breadcrumb mixture

In a skillet eat up some oil and pan-fry the tofu on each side on low-medium heat until it gets a nice brown color.

Remove and serve it as you prefer!

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