Sourdough Bars (using sourdough discard) | Vegan

Very inventive way to use up your sourdough discard! Easy and yummy vegan peanut butter chocolate bars!

Per la ricetta in ITALIANO, clicca QUI!

If you, like me, have a jar of sourdough starter in your fridge which needs to be fed weekly but you aren’t baking as often as you generally do (let’s admit it, hot summer days ain’t done to be around a hot oven!), well this recipe might be ideal for you!

Just refresh a small amount of starter and use the discharge to bake some easy and yummy bars. All you will have to do is adding a few simple and whole natural ingredients to get a delicious snack!

The recipe is from @viaggiare_con_la_cucina, an awesome lady who has taught me SO much about baking! Though her IG page is in Italian, she speaks perfect English so you can hit her up for any questions you might have about her beautiful recipes!


  • 75 g sourdough starter discharge
  • 75 g rolled oats (@ZUMUB, 10% discount code with: EXPATCUCINA)
  • 3 tbsp all natural peanut butter (@ZUMUB, 10% discount code with: EXPATCUCINA)
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 20 g dark chocolate drops (vegan)
  • 20 g toasted and chopped almonds

In a container mix up all ingredients together

Roll the mixture between parchment paper and refrigerate for at least 1h.

Next cut up your bars and bake them in pre-heated oven at 180 for 10-15 min.

Let them cool completely before storing them into a zip log bag!

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