Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

Follow this simple recipe to make vegan ice cream sandwich at home with no churn!

Per la ricetta in Italiano, clicca QUI!

Spring has finally arrived and with it, longer sunny days! Knowing me, this means ice cream season has also started!

In this Sunday live streaming cooking class on facebook, I have shown you how to make this simple and delicious ice cream sandwich recipe.

2 vegan cookies filled with creamy peanut butter chocolate nice cream!!!

Ingredients (makes 4 ice cream sandwich):

for the ice cream

  • 250 g frozen sliced bananas
  • 80 g peanut butter (@zumub – discount code: EXPATCUCINA)
  • 25 g cacao powder

for the cookies

  • 180 g whole oat flour
  • 20 g cacao powder
  • 80 g sugar or 60 g Erythritol (@zumub – discount code: EXPATCUCINA)
  • 170 g ripe avocado
  • 30 g soy milk
  • 1 tsp baking powder

For the ice cream, in a food processor pulse sliced and frozen bananas, cacao powder and peanut butter until it gets creamy but not watery. Transfer to a container and place in your freezer while you make the cookies.

In a large bowl with a fork press the avocado (it needs to be very ripe) until you get a cream. Add the sugar and keep mixing. Next add flour, cacao powder and baking powder. Stir the ingredients together and slowly add the milk until you get a soft but no sticky dough.

With your hands roll then dough into 8 balls, press them down onto parchment paper so to have 8 discs about 7 mm thick. Bake in pre-heated oven at 180C for about 15 min. Remove and let cool down completely.

To assemble your sandwich, spread 2 tbsp of nice cream on 4 of the cookies, cover with the remaining 4 gently pressing them together. Cover with plastic wrap and store in your freezer for at least 30 min.

Your vegan ice cream sandwich are ready!

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