Flavoured Yogurt

All natural flavoured yogurt easily made at home with just a few ingredients.

I know this recipe is not going to win any culinary price. In fact, it is not even really a recipe, just something I regularly make, and which might come handy to some of you, specially now that we are all on lockdown and can’t go grocery shopping as often as we used to.

So, I like yogurt, you guys know that. And I like to make it at home as well, that way I can use organic milk, good quality probiotics and make sure not to add any sugar in it.

Something I have discovered here in Italy which I fell in love with, are flavoured yogurts. Here they sell them in so many different flavours: honey, fruit-based, vanilla, coffee. Yet most of these products have lots of added sugar which I ain’t no support of!

So I decided to make my owns, and well… it turned out to be easier than expected. I make quite often these 2 flavours I am sharing in this post: coffee and chocolate.

Let’s get started!


Take 2 nice glass jars and place in one the coffee with 1/4 tsp of stevia and in the other the cacao with the remaining sweetener.

Pour in hot water and stir until it is all well dissolved

Add 100 g of greek yogurt in each jar

stir well with a teaspoon and refrigerate until ready to serve.

I like to eat them by the spoon for breakfast, but they are also great incorporated in several different recipes. Want some ideas? well….how about cakes, porridge or topping for pancakes for example?

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