Low-Sugar Orange Jam

Spread it on toast or use it baking, this jam is going to make you fall in love.

While most orange jam recipe uses about 50% fruit and 50% sugar, I have dropped down sugar quantity to just 30%, to make a healthier and low-sugar version of the classic orange jam.

I like to keep the skin on to give a bit of texture. To avoid any bitter flavor from the skin, I boil it several time in clean water. This method works perfectly!

Use this jam on toasted bread, in pies or to make cakes too! I will show you a few interesting recipes in the coming week!


  • 1 kg peeled oranges
  • peels of 1 kg of oranges
  • 300 sugar

First thing first wash and peal the skin of 1 kg of organic oranges. make sure to just get the orange part and none of the white parts

remove the internal white skin and chop the oranges into pieces. Place them into a large pot (I used my Lecreuset dutch oven). Add sugar and bring to a gentle boil.

Meanwhile cut orange skin into small pieces and bring them to a boil, drain and repeat for 4 times. This will remove any bitter flavor from the skin. Add the skin to your dutch oven and cook on very low heat stirring from time to time. As liquid reduces, make sure to keep an eye on your jam, stirring more frequently. It will take about 4 hours.

Pour jam into sterilized jars, close them with a lid and place them upside-down covered with a towel until they are completely cooled.

Your jam is ready and it will store well for several months! Once you open a jar, make sure to store it in your fridge for up to a month!

NOTE: add a stick of cinnamon when cooking the jam, for some extra flavor.



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