Chocolate Konjac Rice Porridge

Super low-carb breakfast porridge made with konjac rice. Keto-friendly recipe.

Per la ricetta in ITALIANO, clicca QUI!

After my cauliflower breakfast porridge recipe, here I come today with a new low-carb idea for a tasty breakfast.

This time we are using konjac rice! Yes! Do you know what konjac is? Have you ever heard of it? Have you ever used it in the kitchen?

Konjac is a fiber-rich corm, which looks like a giant root, does not have a defined taste, but neither does it have any nutrients or calories. It is highly fiberous, contains no carbohydrates, and is a zero-calorie food. Konjac noodles do not generally taste like wheat-based pasta, but they often closely resemble it and can be used interchangeably with it in many recipes.

I like to use it when I feel I need to lower a bit my carb intake and they are perfect for those of you on a Ketogenic diet.

In China, where they are believed to have originated, konjac noodles are called either moyu or juruo. Japanese chefs refer to them as konnyaku or shirataki. All four of these words describe the same basic concept: a noodle formed from konjac, usually in powdered form. 

As konjac does not have a strong taste, it does need to be flavoured and dressed with other ingredients. For this porridge I added some cacao powder and cinnamon, as I really want to keep it very low-carb, but I think a mashed banana would have worked its magic in this recipe!

To thicken a bit the porridge we are also going to need some flax and chia seeds, which are both high in fibre, good fats and low in carbs!


  • 200 g rinsed and drained konjac rice
  • 1/2 tbsp flaxseeds
  • 1/2 tsp chia seeds
  • 30 ml soy milk (or other milk you like)
  • 1 tsp unsweetened cacao powder
  • a dash of ground cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp erytrithol or sweetener of choice

Place the flax, chia, cacao, ground cinnamon and sweetener into a saucepan.

Rinse the konjac rice and place it in the pot together with the milk.

Bring it to a gentle boil and let is simmer for 10 min or unti it thickens. Transfer into a bowl and refrigerate. This will help the porridge to settle.

I added some fresh blueberries, but you could serve it as it is or with some sugar-free syrup or crashed nuts some some extra crunchiness!

Hope you guys like this recipe! If you make it, tag me on IG @the_fit_mediterranean.

If you make this recipe, tag me on IG @the_fit_mediterranean!



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