3 Ingredients Homemade Lemon Jam

Pectine-free lemon jam made at home with only 3 ingredients

Here in Italy I have got a huge lemon tree in my garden and finally, after years of living in China, I have had the chance to use some of them to make an organic, pectin-free lemon jam, which is one of my absolute favorite.

This recipe just calls for 3 ingredients: water, sugar and lemons.

As we use the lemons with their skin, please make sure to use only organic farmed ones!


  • 12-15 very large lemons
  • 800 g white sugar
  • 600 ml water

Wash and cut off the tips of the lemons, then cut them in half and in thin slices

Remove pits and any black-ish part of the skin

Place the sliced lemons into a large bowl, cover with water and let it marinate for 24h.

After this time has passed, take the lemons off the soaking water, place them in a large pot, add sugar and water

bring to a simmer and cook on very low heat, stirring frequently for a couple of hours. Note, as lemons are very high in natural pectine, the jam will thicken very fast, so keep an eye on it and stir as much as you can to avoid the jam to stick to the pot.

When ready, immediatelly divide the jam into sterilised jars, close them tight with a lid and place the jars upside down covered with a towel until completely cooled

Store the jars in a dry and cool place for many months and use as pleased!

The jam will be thick, not too sweet, perfect to spread on toast or use in cakes and pies 🙂

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