Super Easy Coconut Yogurt

Super Easy Coconut Yogurt

3-ingredient, vegan recipe for homemaking your own coconut yogurt! Hassle-free, cheap and super easy.

I am obsessed and in love with anything coconut-based. One of the food I particularly enjoy is coconut yogurt. I eat it by the spoon, in fruit parfaits, with granola, oats and in baking goods. However buying coconut yogurt is VERY pricey. In Italy I remember to spent over 4 euros for just 125 ml of products, here average price per serving is around RMB 30 or more…

So I have decided to start making my own coconut yogurt. I have done though many trial and error attempts to finally come up with an easy and successful recipe.

When making vegan yogurt the tricky part is using “milk” which does not really have sugar in it to feed the culture and ferment. Also if you don’t want to play around too much with food thermometers, it might be a bit complicated to get a sour, thick yogurt. However I found that using good culture, high fat coconut cream and a fermentation time of 24h is an efficient way to get around all that and still get a good final product.

Ingredients (makes 2 servings of 120 ml each):

  • 1 can of coconut cream
  • 2 packets of culture
  • 1 tbsp sugar

Shake up the coconut cream and stir it well with a spoon after opening the can

Using a wooden or plastic spoon, stir sugar and culture into the cream and place it into a glass-jar container.

Cover it with cheesecloth and place the jar in a warm, dark place for 24h. If you have a yogurt maker, process the yogurt for 8 hours.

Over this time period the culture will start fermenting, giving the typical sour taste and a thick consistency. After the 24h (or 8h), stir the yogurt, portion it out into small glass jars and refrigerate it overnight.

This makes a thick and sour yogurt, using coconut cream also makes it quite high in fat, so consume in moderation 🙂





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