No-Churn Probiotic Almond Butter Nice Cream

No-Churn Probiotic Almond Butter Nice Cream

This 2 ingredient “nice” cream is just what you need on a hot summer day! Healthy and delicious it just requires a blender!

Before it gets too cold – although in some parts of the world summer is just around the corner – let me share with you one last vegan nice cream recipe! Ok…knowing me and my addiction to ice cream I might make a few more even over fall….but for now let’s focus on this one very special recipe!!!

To make this ‘nice’ cream – AKA blended frozen banana – you only need 2 ingredients AND just a blender. No ice cream machine for this delicious dessert! For this recipe I have used probiotic almond butter, cause probiotics are essentials for our gut health and over all well being! If you cannot get your hands on something like that, you can just add some probiotic supplements to the recipe, or just leave those out and just use normal almond butter.


Take your probiotic almond butter. In Shanghai, Stone Ground makes amazing nut butters which are delivered right to your doorstep! Else, you can order on Amazon (link above)

Place nut butter, frozen sliced banana and vanilla paste in a food processor or blender

and pulse until creamy. It might take a few minutes, don’t add any liquid, be patient and work at it 🙂

Transfer mixture into a container

dust it with cinnamon sugar and freeze for 2 hours. Then scoop it out and enjoy!

So tasty and so healthy. Love “nice’ cream!!!



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