Interview with Pierre’s Foie Gras – French home flavors in Shanghai

We all do have that one food that we desperately miss from home. It can be mama’s lasagna, a juicy steak or a homemade sauce. For Pierre is was his grandma’s foie gras! Until he decided to make his very own and sell here in China one of the most authentic and famous flavor of the French cuisine!

I have met Pierre at a food tasting a few months ago and had the luck to try first hand his products. I was impressed by his dedication and commitment in his business, as well as by the smooth consistency and delicate flavor or his foie gras, which is why I have decided to interview him so that you all can know more about this new line of products now available in China!

Pierre's Foie Gras - Big Jar 180gr Salt & Pepper

  1. Can you introduce Pierre’s Foie Gras to us?

I guess everything starts long time ago… as many stories starts. But yes, 25 years ago when I was still a little, little boy, I was already pretending to become a Chef. From what I can remember today, it was the first job I wanted to do, not like we know Chef, the famous one, but just a simple cooker. Then life took me into its big waves for more than 20 years, making me land in China 2 times (2004 & 2010), and the second one signed finally the big turn (back). Indeed and after seeking so long for a best balance in my life, I made the choice to simply do what I’m good at and before everything else what I really like. Well I do not only like Foie Gras but it has been a tradition into my family and when I was young I already had the chance to taste more than once, Grand-Ma’s Foie Gras. Believe me or not, it was something very special to me at this time as Foie Gras was reserved for big events as Anniversary and Christmas. But today I do believe that almost everybody can enjoy it whenever he/she wants.

This is how Pierre’s Foie Gras is born… by missing so much my country, starting with my Family and Friends, then also the lifestyle and the good weather from my hometown Toulouse. Finally the elegance of Paris by night and my Grand-Ma Cuisine. It’s an all which make me move to something different in terms of carrier animated inside by sharing something personal with people around me.

  1. Where do you produce your foie gras?

I produce my Foie Gras in a professional facility in Jing’An District which is finally pretty convenient to handle all the logistics and deliveries by being downtown.

  1. Where do you outsource your ingredients? How do you guarantee good quality?

People need to know that duck related products are today forbidden at importation which means all the Foie Gras you can enjoy today in China are coming from.. China.. But it’s now possible to find some local farms which respect all the tradition about Foie Gras. Quality for sure is one of the most important key point for Pierre’s Foie Gras and by handcrafting all my product personally I can all the time be sure about the quality of the raw material. But no doubts the quality is there, this is how this new page of my life is today possible.

About other ingredients, they’re coming from all around the world. The glass jars I’m using are coming from Italia, known as one of the best glass jar in the world for sterilization. The salt (very important ingredient BTW) is coming from Guérande in France, known as one of the best sea salt in my country. Black pepper from Vietnam while the expensive black truffle also coming from Italia.


  1. What are your main sales channels?

My main sales channel are direct B2C seles that I’m handling myself. This is why many people already saw a French guy showing up at their door with a glass jar of Foie Gras. But you can also find me on Food From The Hood list with who I’m collaborating almost since the beginning and since few weeks I created my BonApp! account which is looking as a hot APP right now in Shanghai. So far that’s all…

  1. How many type of Foie Gras do you sell?

Today I’m having 6 different Foie Gras flavors in 2 different formats (110 and 180gr). Flavors start with the Classical one made only with Sea Salt & Pepper, to Classy one made with Black Truffle, to original one as Sichuan Pepper & Chocolate. I really do like creating new flavors pairing this is why I can tell that some new recipes are already on their ways…



  1. Who is your main clientele?

The biggest part of my Clientele are Ladies, mainly Chinese and French.

  1. Do you cover other cities other than Shanghai?

By using kuaidi (SF Express) services, I can today send out Foie Gras all around China. This is how I’m having Clients living in Guangzhou and in cities like Chengdu.

  1. Any upcoming projects for Pierre’s Foie Gras?

As this project really took shapes on April 2015, I have to say that everything is still in front of me with some big challenges in order to become a real player on this demanding F&B market. But step by step, this is moving forward and soon new things will come up, but I can’t really talk about it right now.

If you wish to place an order, contact Pierre directly

Mobile: +86 138 183 112 44
Skype: pierre.foie.gras


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