Kate & Kimi Veggie and Fruit Box review

You guys always hear me complaining about how hard sometimes can be to outsource ingredients in Shanghai, specially good quality one that are not insanely expensive! So I am always looking out for new food vendors and supermarkets.
Only recently I have discovered the website of www.kateandkimi.com.
As others in China, this is an online (only) supermarket where you can place an order and receive your grocery directly at home, selecting the time window that works best for you.
What I like about this new platform is that is has got SUCH a variety of products that I have rarely seen anywhere else in Shanghai, like red quinoa, purple carrots, chia, …
Also I love that they have a special focus on organic, healthy and vegetarian food, with a full session on meat replacement ingredients (like homemade tofu, seitan, protein powder,..)
Another unique part is its Local Chefs session, where in just one click you can order from different vendors. There are some of my favorites like Strictly cookies, Bagels by Christine, Amelia, and many more.
The other day I decided to try out kate&Kimi and placed my first order with them. Since I am trying to eat a bit healthier, after the heavy binge in the States, I have decided to go for one of their Easy boxes. I selected the Fruit & Veggie Box (4-5 people) as I planned on making some soups, shakes and other low calories snacks…The box is 12kg packed with veggies and local and imported fruits. Price: RMB 355. Delivery (for any order) is free, which is nice. I selected my delivery time slot and waited for my box to arrive the next day.
The package arrived right on time. I was a bit disappointed by the packaging, as I was expecting something that looked closer to the picture on the website. But hey, who cares about the package, it’s the inside that really matters, right?
I opened it and, yet, again I was a bit disappointed by how things were arranged internally, it seemed like things were put in a totally random way, and it was quite messy.
box1 box2
Inside I found a total of 15 different types of vegetables and 7 types of fruit. To list them:
1 box of strawberries from Yunnan, a bit small but very sweet
1 box of blueberry, really nice. One dragon fruit
5 kiwis from New Zealand,  ripe just right and very sweet! And 5 apples, these were the most disappointing of all the fruit. Different sizes (small and medium)

and many of them where a bit “touched” on the sides..
1 pineapple, this was a bit small and quite sour 🙁 + 5 bananas, good size, but some of them where a bit too mature and I had a full half completely black inside which I had to trash. Pity!
1 small box of cherry tomatoes (green, yellow and red) – quality 8 and 1 box of okra (quality 10)
2 purple onions (quality 8) although I prefer white onions and 5 potatoes
1 big bag of salad mix (quality 9, big and fresh)
2 mushrooms (quality 9, however I have never seen that variety before and simple white mushrooms would have been better, more versatile to use)
1 squash and 1 zucchini (quality 10. good size and very fresh)
1 head of broccoli
1 head of cauliflower
1 bag of boy choy ( quality 9, very fresh)
2 big cucumbers (quality 10)
fresh basil
1 box of radish (quality 10, also rare to find this type in Shanghai)
Overall, it’s a good package, easy and convenient to order and I think the price is also right considering the amount of fruit and vegetable that I received.
The box can also be customized to receive exactly the products that you need! Wihch is awesome.
With all these veggies and fruit I have already made a few dishes, like:
Fruity French Toasts!
 french toast2
Oven Roasted Cauliflower
Primavera Grilled Salad
Recipes will be posted soon!
– Dani

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