IKEA Bread Mix Review

As a proper Italian, I love bread!

Here in Shanghai is not too easy to find good quality bakeries and the few available are VERY expensive. In particular I like the German whole grain dark bread. It’s so nutritious and healthy and tasty and rich and dense, I can really have it any time of the day. There is a German bakery here in Shanghai that does home delivery (Abenbrot) but, a) their products are very pricey (39 rmb for a half loaf of dark German bread); b) I have noticed that if I leave their bread on my kitchen counter for longer than 4 days, it develops this weird mold on it which makes it uneatable…

Last weekend, over dinner, one of my friend suggested to try the whole grain bread mix sold at IKEA.

As someone that likes cooking, I generally steer away from any type of mix: cake mix, bread mix, pudding mix. I like to make my food from scratch, no matter what that is. However, my friend described this bread mix to be so convenient and to make such a delicious bread that I decided to give it a try.

Well, let me tell you something: I am so not going to buy expensive bread anymore! This mix is SUPER! It makes a dense, rich and flavorful bread. Even my boyfriend, who is from Germany, found it to be really good.

The mix is super easy to use (like anything at IKEA, right?) you just need to pour 600 ml of water into the box, close it and shake it very hard for a few minutes until the mix and water are all well combined. I used a spoon to stir them together, and that made things a lot easier.



Than you just have to pour the mixture into a greased bread loaf pan and bake it at 180 C for about 60 min. I decided to sprinkle the top with some rolled-oats, but that’s absolutely not necessary.



And this is the baked final product



Not bad at all!



Thanks IKEA 🙂


– LittleDani

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