Homemade Heavy Cream

You guys know I LOVE to experiment and try to home make everything I can.

I’ve done it with ricotta cheese

Ricotta Cheese

with butter


with sour cream

sour cream

with cream cheese


peanut butter

peanut butter

and this time I got myself to make heavy cream!

For some reasons I have always thought that making cream was a complicated process and never even looked into it. During my cheese cooking class last month, however, one of my student asked me if I knew how to make it. That trigged me to do some research and find out that homemaking cream is SUPER easy.

Heavy cream is such a widely used ingredient, for cakes, cream, sauces, ice cream. it is one of those items that is never missing in my fridge but also one of those very expensive thing to buy here in China.

Finding out that to home-make it you only need milk and vegetable oil, made my day! I am so NEVER going to buy expensive brands anymore 😀

Here are the easy step by step instructions

Ingredients (makes 250 gr):

  • 100 ml whole fat milk
  • 200 ml vegetable oil

Measure up the oil


Pour the milk into your blender


turn it on high speed and mix until small bubbles start to form. Now while keep mixing, slowly pour in the vegetable oil and keep blending until it reaches the desired consistency. It will take less than 1 min.


Your cream is ready!


Store it in your refrigerator until ready to use.



– LittleDani

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