Rice Balls with Mortadella Beretta!

I love cooking with leftovers…You might find it weird but well…when it comes to food I am everything but normal.

Have you ever heard about anyone who, when ordering a burger, get rid of the bun and just eat the meat?…well, that’s me…just to give you an idea of how weird I can be sometimes.

Anyway, the reason why I love cooking with leftovers is that, by living alone I often end up making too much food and then I am forced to eat the same thing for days. Coming up with new recipes that allow me to use whatever I have left in my fridge, makes me happy and let me to have a diversified diet without wasting food.

A few days ago I made a big batch of mushroom and bamboo risotto, which I will post shortly here on expatcucina. As I had quite a big serving left over, I decided to use it to make some small, cute, tasty rice balls. These are similar to the traditional Italian arancini, but also very different.

The base of arancini is risotto as well, but then the balls are coated in egg and breadcrumb before being dip-fried in hot oil. They are also way bigger in size than this rice balls I am writing today about.
You can find the recipe for making traditional Sicilian arancini in my cookbook 🙂 GO – DOWNLOAD IT – COOK!

Ingredients (serves 2):

  • 2 cups of risotto (any type you have)
  • 60 g Mortadella Beretta
  • 100 g mozzarella cheese
  • 1/4 c breadcrumb
  • oil to fry

First thing first, take your risotto

then grab some mortadella. I used Mortadella Beretta, which is one of the best you can find on the market here in China!


Dice it up. Do the same with the mozzarella cheese


Get your hands slightly wet, grab some risotto, make a ball and in the center put one small piece of mortadella and one of mozzarella. Make sure the filling is well covered with rice.Proceed until when you have used all the risotto you have.


Lightly coat the balls into breadcrumbs


and fry them up into hot oil


Remove from the skillet onto kitchen paper. Serve immediately



– LittleDani



About the author:

An Italian living in China with a strong passion for cooking! Browse my 'left-overs' session for many tasty grub!. Follow her on Twitter / Facebook.