Rise of the ‘gastrosexual’: men cooks to seduce women! JOIN EXPATCUCINA COOKING CLASS!

Seems like men are getting more and more involved into the kitchen than women. They seem to enjoy it more, and even be more demanding and sophisticated in taste, according to a recent article published on Dailymail.co.uk!


According to a recent study, men are taking up cooking in a bid to seduce women! Isn’t it great? I mean, what is better than a man that can actually cook, and get you a nice meal ready for dinner when you come back late from work?

I also LOVE cooking with my partner, it creates complicity and intimacy. You will find it surprising how much you can actually get to know about each others while just cooking together.

So what are you waiting for? Come join my cooking class to seduce and get to a woman (or man)’s heart!

Here is my September schedule. Don’t miss out!

cooking class scheduleFor bookings or enquiries, email me at: expatcucina@gmail.com


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