Grilled Peaches and Vanilla Gelato

Summer = gelato

there is nothing more true than this equation! I could never go one single summer day without treating myself with some refreshing, tasty gelato.

With Fabbri Gelato mix, making gelato at home is super easy, quick and convenient and the best part is that you don’t necessarily need a gelato machine as the mix can be also prepared with an electric hand mixer 🙂

I have flavored my gelato with some grilled peaches sweeten up with some maple syrup, but you could space things up and add whatever ingredients you like: amarenas, chopped chocolate, strawberries, mango, and so on!

Tomorrow I will be running our second gelato workshop at Fabbri Gelato factory here in Shanghai! The class is already fully booked but if you would like to join us next time, email me at!

Locandina Fabbri 2


  • 1 box Fabbri Gelato Mix
  • 2 peaches
  • 3 tbsp. maple syrup
  • 350 ml cold whole fat milk
  • 1 tsp. butter

Prepare the vanilla gelato as per package instructions. Simply grab the mix


Pour it into a bowl and mix it with cold milk. If you are using a gelato machine (like me), process the gelato in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer directions. When ready transfer into a plastic container and store into your freezer while you prepare the peaches.

If you are not using a gelato machine, then you’d need to prepare the gelato a bit ahead of time. Whip up the mix with the cold milk for about 10 min or until it gets creamy, like a mousse, and it form thick picks. Transfer into a container and store in your freezer for about 4 hours.


In the meantime prepare the peaches. Slice them up


brush them with some maple syrup


Grease your grill with some butter


and when hot grilled the peaches


on both sides. Remove and set aside


Brush them up with more maple syrup…I like things sweet!


Take the gelato out of the freezer


Scoop it out into a bowl


and add the grilled peaches on top. Serve immediately.



– LittleDani

Note: if you have some fresh mint at home, add some for decoration! 😉



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