WuJie 5th International Culinary Exchange with Chef Marco (Winners)

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On April 1st I got the absolute honor to attend, for the second time, the International Culinary Exchange organized by Wujie Restaurant here in Shanghai.

You guys might remember my post about last year dinner, my very first whole vegetarian dining experience, and how THAT experience completely changed my view on vegetarianism. Those of you who regularly follow this blog might have also noticed how I have, since then, started cooking more healthy meals and more vegetarian-based dishes.

When Kimberly Wong invited me to join the 5th edition of the International Culinary Exchanged I was excited and happy to have the chance to enjoy a full-on vegetarian meal cooked by the amazing Swiss chef Marco P. Brueschweiler.


Like last year, chef Marco designed an amazing 8 course dinner, all based on Mediterranean food.

Dinner was served on the 5th floor of Wujie restaurant in Xujiahui, facing the beautiful Xuhui garden


Each course was paired with a non alcoholic white wine, which I loved! I might be weird, but I like the whole idea of enjoying a tasty glass of “wine” without intoxicating my body with unnecessary alcohol. I believe most of you might disagree with me on this point, and don’t get me wrong, as a proper Italian I do enjoy having a glass of red or white wine during my meal, but if I’m embracing clean food then alcohol free beverage aren’t a bad options.

Among the exquisite deli that were served for dinner, I particularly enjoy the Mushroom Bourguignon in Stewed Apple. I found the idea of serving this meat-like mushroom inside a sweet apple so original and unique!

大蔬无界-和美盛宴 005

I also loved the beetroot Fettuccine with Peas and Pistachio Cream, which I’m definitely going to try make at home

大蔬无界-和美盛宴 007

and I absolutely loved the egg crepes with satay sauce and the oatmeal carrot croquette

大蔬无界-和美盛宴 002

If you guys want to try a delight vegetarian meal, here is some info on Wujie Restaurant:

Location : 392 Tian Ping Rd (between Heng Shan Rd and Zhao Jia Bang Rd) Xuhui District
Bund 22 (Opening March 2013)

Cuisine: Fusion Vegetarian

Reservation Options: Reservations recommended

Phone: 400 690 5577   +86 (0)21 3469 2857

Hours:  11:00 AM ~ 02:00 PM      Lunch
02:00 PM ~ 05:00 PM      Afternoon Tea
05:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM      Dinner


to celebrate another awesome meal and healthy dining, Wujie Restaurant is giving away 5 tea sets of the value of 68 RMB each.

To win one of the voucher just leave a comment to this post or like it/comment on facebook and weibo.

Winners will be announced next Thursday afternoon (April 25th).

Good luck people 🙂



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