Homemade Garbanzo Bean Flour Bow-tie Pasta

High in protein, low in carbs and gluten-free…this is a dream coming true!

I’ve wanted to try making pasta using bean flour instead of normal for a long time, but for one reason or the other, I never got myself to until a few weeks ago.
This is a very basic pasta recipe with eggs and flour, only difference is that you will be using garbanzo bean flour instead of semolina flour. The bean flour will make this very filling which is why, if when making standard pasta you will used 100 g of flour and 1 egg per portion, in this case those same quantities will be enough for 2 people. I would also suggest you to use a light sauce to dress the pasta.

Here is the recipe, I will be posting a possible dressing option later this week.


Ingredients (make 2 serving):

  • 100 g garbanzo bean flour
  • 1 egg

Grab your garbanzo bean flour (you can find it on taobao)


Make mound with the flour on your work surface and scoop out a well in the middle. Pour the egg into the hole


and work the eggs and the flour together till you have a smooth dough, adding just a drop of water if necessary, and no more. Knead the dough for ten to fifteen minutes, until it is smooth, firm, and quite elastic. Let it sit covered with a kitchen towel for about 15- 20 min


Flour your work surface  and start to roll out the dough, rolling from the middle, flipping it occasionally, and flouring it as necessary to keep it from sticking. Roll it out into a 0.3 mm think sheet. Then cut it into long strips


then further more into 8 cm*2 cm rectangular

DSC_0008grab each one and squeeze it in the center to create a bow-tie shape


Set aside and continue with the remaining though. Move fast cause as it dries it will become more and more difficult for it to stick together in the center.


Now you can store it into your fridge to up a month or go ahead and boil it into salty water with 1 tbsp of oil



– LittleDani






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