Winner Announcement and Black Friday Ideas!

How was your Thanksgiving folks? Did you binge? Did you watch yourself from gaining that extra pound with only one meal? Did you spend the day with your family, with your friends or did you not get to celebrate at all because, oh well, in China it was a working day?

I will be celebrating my Thanksgiving with a bit of a delay, Sunday we are having a big dinner with all my friends and that will definitely be a proper binge! I’m looking forward to it 🙂

Today, as tradition wants, is Black Friday, one of the best post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas day. Even here in China you can get pretty sweet deals online, like I did!
I just got an AWESOME Iphone5 with 500 rmb discount!

If you are into Black Friday shopping, here are some ideas that I personally like a lot.

How about this mickey mouse measuring cups?

Or this beautiful measuring spoons? I WANT THEM!!!

and what if I say batter dispenser? To finally get pancakes of all the same size without making a mess in the kitchen

If you owe a KitchenAid, then this Flex Edge Beater is absolutely a MUST

Don’t we all need a book holder in our kitchen?

I think my friends know now what they could get me for Christmas….:D


Shopping done, let’s announce the winner of my Virgo club giveaway!

Raphael, you’r going to have an awesome weekend with a free pizza and free bottle of booze!

Please contact to redeem your prize!

Wish you all a great weekend!


– LittleDani






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