Greenology review and Giveaway!

I had always thought that vegetarianism was for people who know nothing about food and don’t know how to enjoy a good meal. Every time someone told me he was a vegetarian I was the one rolling eyes saying “uh, uh…interesting”…and then I walked away.
Well, I have to take back everything I said and thought about vegetarianism.
In fact, since greenology invited me to join its 1 year anniversary dinner last Thursday here in Shanghai, a new world just opened to me.

I got the invitation from their new marketing manager when I was still in Italy and I accepted  with really NO EXPECTATIONS. I was, instead, literally blown away by the delicious and sophisticated meal I was served.

Greenology is a restaurant and lifestyle concept centered around healthy vegetarian dishes located in the hearth of the French Concession in Xujiahui district, just facing the xujiahui park. The entire building is designed to correspond to the five elements of Chinese philosophy: water on the 1st floor, wood on the 2nd floor (for a la carte dining), fire on the 3rd floor where the kitchen is located, earth on the 4th floor for private dining rooms, and metal on the 5th where the restaurant has a lovely private space (which is were we were served our dinner). The whole place is absolutely amazing, but what I loved most was their Japanese tea room, with small terrace, located on the rooftop that can be rented for special events.

Our dinner was conceptualized and prepared by their guest chef Marco Brueschweiler, originally from Switzerland (where he attended culinary school) but who has travelled the world and is now living in Thailand with his Thai wife. The whole meal was, in fact, a Swiss-Thai fusion creation.

We started our dinner with two pieces of made in the house tofu and a glass of soy milk to clear our palate, we were told. That was followed by eight courses of heaven: Fresh papaya with coconut cream, lentil terrin with black truffle, eggplant fricasse with couscous, Thai green curry with homemade organic tofu,, wheat noodle panzerotis with morel mushrooms, coconut pineapple tiramisu, linzer tart with whole-wheat dough, …just to name a few.


All courses were paired with alchool free sparkling wine from new Zealand, soy milk and coffee made with organic beans from Yunan.

At the end of our evening we were also offered as gift 2 packages of organic rice – that, I have been told later, you can also buy at the restaurant for only 50 rmb.

All in all, a totally amazing experience. I would have never thought vegetarian cusine could get that refined and tasty.
Thanks greenology for having shown me I was wrong!


because I found out being vegetarian does not mean having daily miserable and sad meals
because I met amazing people while dining at greenology
and because I want you to have an awesome experience, just like I did

I am giving away a 300 rmb voucher to dine at Greeneology in Xujiahui.


Reply to this question in the comment session: What is your attitude towards vegetarianism?
Winner will be chosen randomly on friday 5th October.
Good luck!


– Dani

Greenology 大蔬无界 DaShuWuJie
天平路392号,近衡山路 392 Tianping Lu, near Hengshan Lu
+86 21 3469 2857

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