Brigadeiro 2

It’s Saturday, FINALLY! The past weeks have been a crazy busy  with too much work to catch up with. I’ve had basically no social life for full 15 days so yesterday finally I manage to go out with my girl friends. We had a delicious dinner at this new Indian place here in Shanghai called Tikka, where everything was delicious, specially their Paneer with spinach cream blew my mind. After that we went to the Spot for ladies night and then to Geisha. I went to sleep at 4 am and but at 7.30 this morning my eyes were already wide open…So basically I got a bit more than a 3 hour sleep but I strangely feel rested and ready to go to the gym for a good run!

Before tho I want to share with you this recipe! It’s not a new one, in fact if you remember a few months ago I posted a recipe for Brasilian Brigadeiro. They were utterly divine.

As always I shared that recipe on my facebook fan page and one of my reader, a brasilian girl, left a comment where she suggested to coat the delicious chocolate balls into chopped nuts.

so I did!

and they were good!

Thanks for the suggestion! I love sharing recipes and advice with you people out there, I learn soooo much from you all everyday 🙂

I’ll be cooking this weekend so lots of new recipes coming up soon!


– LittleDani

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