I told you about my amazing experience a couple of months ago with Orlando To and his crew, shooting a fitness DVD here in Shanghai, haven’t I?

The 3 days spent shooting have been without any doubts, among the best I’ve had in Shanghai. These people are so passionate about their job, so enthusiastic that they make working out the most fun and entertaining thing to do.

This Saturday Orlando and his team will be in Shanghai for the China launch of their brand RhythmFit and their workout routine and I’ll be there with them! Despite my knee injury (which is recovering very well, btw) I’m gonna be there kicking butt!

This is a short demo of the workout routine we’ll be doing: a combination of dance, martial arts and body weight movements

If you are in Shanghai, come join us for a free 50 min demo class at TerraWellness on 1, Henan Zhong Lu. Just print out this VIP pass and bring it with you this Saturday 17th at 5 pm.

Are you Ready to Burn?

– LittleDani

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