Healthy Meals That are Quick and Easy, by Carolyn Knight

After the Thanksgiving binge that I am sure you all experienced, let’s look at some healthy meal ideas suggested by Carolyn Knight

Carolyn writes for Blog Content Guild and will be helping me here on ExpatCucina as guest post from time to time, to remind me and you all that good food does not always equal to fatty, unhealthy meals, but that we can (have) educate ourselve to a more salutary eating life style.


Healthy Meals That Are Quick and Easy

Eating healthy foods is undisputedly a great way to live a healthy and long life. When you treat yourself to fatty foods often, you run the risk of getting high blood pressure, liver, and heart diseases. It is undeniable that the unhealthiest foods are the yummiest ones. Healthy meals, on the other hand, are not appealing to the palate. Don’t be upset. You do not need to give up the joy of savoring your favorite dishes. All you need to do is make quick and healthy dishes that you and your family can regularly feast on. You can do this even if you are not a chef, and if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to preparing a meal. Here’s how to go about it.

Preparing a balanced meal is very important if you mean to succeed with your healthy food regimen. To do this, you must incorporate grains, protein, fruits, veggies, and dairy into every dish you make.

If you really want something like steak and fries, you should add some veggies to the dish. Just make things more flavorful and appealing by throwing in spices and herbs. Also, trim down on your meat intake, no matter how succulent that steak is. A three-ounce cut is sufficient for the day. Getting your starch from the fries would have been okay, if not for the oil they contain. Whole grain pasta is a suitable substitute for greasy fries.

Consuming correct portion sizes of food is also another necessary thing to consider when you prepare and eat meals. When someone brings in treats, don’t be like a martyr doing penance; dig in with the others but in moderation. Just eat a half-slice instead of a whole slice of that rich cake. Taking little bites of your food will help you from eating a lot, and according to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, slowing down your chewing speed to at least nine seconds can considerably decrease your consumption.

You can still enjoy your fave foods; the key thing is to maintain control over how much you eat. A more effective way of managing food intake is to restrict portion sizes in accordance with what is determined “healthy.” You may even get a scale to weigh out each meal accurately.

Cooking what you eat ensures that you will be able to put healthy food on the table, since you will be the one to say what you eat and how much you eat. Oils and other fatty additives are better restricted to fast food diners and away from your dinner table, so start with cooking the dishes yourself.

If you think you don’t have the skills to come up with healthy meals the family would be willing to eat, stop worrying. You can still make use of the meals they love. Just add in color and play with various herbs and spices to enhance appeal. The color wheel of vegetables and fruits guides you on what nutrients you can get from colorful fruits and veggies. If you want to try new recipes, The Food Network can provide you with several quick and easy recipes to experiment with like eggplant parmigiana


and Halibut Veracruz


You don’t really have to be a kitchen expert to come up with healthy meals that the family will find enticing. Prepare your own meals instead of dining out. It will definitely be less costly. Just stick to healthy eating, and you’re in for a better life!


Thank you Carolyn!





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