Wine to pair with your Thanksgiving dinner by M.Gaudette from Golden Gate Grapes

Happy Thanksgiving!

I told you I would have post a recipe for a cinnamon apple pie with raisins today and I will. I am about to drag myself to the kitchen on my crutches and make a delicious pie to bring to my friend’s house tonight and to share with you 🙂

But before doing that I am going to introduce you Mr. Gaudette, he is an expert on wine (graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Wine school in Paris) who works in Shanghai for a wine import company Golden Gate Grapes. Today he is going to give us some advice on what kind of wine to pair tonight with our Thanksgiving dinner!

“My ideal sequence and selection of wines to pair with Thanksgiving dinner would begin with a Riesling or a Pinot Gris. These crisp, light, aromatic and lively Alsatian varietals (named after their birthplace Alsace-Lorain) refresh and wake up the palate for the dishes ahead. At table I would recommend a Pinot Noir. The nose or smell of a Pinot Noir evokes images of Autumn in the countryside; wild mushrooms, fresh tilled earth, falling leaves, and cool and damp forest floor.

 Pinot Noir, due to its versatility, is also one of the easiest wines to pair with food. Described as an iron hammer in a silk glove Pinot has both the structure to stand up to both white and dark meats, and complement the gaminess of Turkey while having the finess to not overpower the more delicate Thanksgiving dishes.

 Pinot Noir originally comes from the Burgundy region of France. If you can find it and can afford the price a Premier-Cru from a small village appellation in the Côte d’Or region of Burgundy, France makes a fantastic companion to a Thanksgiving meal. Also many of the New World Pinot Noirs are remarkable wines. More vibrant than their French brethren they have won International Competitions including competitions in France. The Marlborough region of New Zealand and Anderson Valley AVA in California produce some of the finest New World Pinot Noirs.

 To conclude the meal I would go with a Zinfandel Port. This grape is solid and robust with a deep Red color and a full depth of flavor. Ideally enjoyed sitting by the fire and accompanied by a slice of pecan pie. “

Thanks Mike!


Golden Gate Grapes is a wine import company founded by Mike Gaudette and David Slavich. They import boutique wines from Menducino in California and distribute them to the best restaurant in Shanghai. If you are a wine lover, you can join their wine club to buy esqusite wine at wholesale price. (

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