A few of my favorites!


  • because I’ve been going out everyday in the last month
  • because I need to get some serious sleep but I just can’t get myself to spend one night at home
  • because yesterday I had dinner at Chicha and got some of the best food I’ve ever had in Shanghai
  • because, I’ll be honest, I haven’t cooked a single meal in the last 5 days
  • and because it’s a sunny day in Shanghai and I am about to go play some golf

I have decided to bring here to the front page a few of my favorite recipes on ExpatCucina.

Simple food as always!


My Pineapple Meringue Pie

The Salmon Chowder…I loved this one!

My Mom’s Parmigiana Leccese. THE BEST!

The Focaccia con Pomodorini!

Italian Style Quesadillas…one of my favorite!

The Best Pan Brioche EVER…I don’t need to add more than this

The Mediterranean Pasta Salad

The famous Italian Meatballs in tomato sauce!

And for today I’ll stop here.

Have a great day you all


– LittleDani





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