Brioche con la Palla

I’ve made brioche dough again last Saturday!


Because I like brioche…I think that’s a more than reasonable reason! This time I’ve shaped it like a type of brioche bread you can only find in my home town and no where else in Italy!

I am sure all the people from Lecce that are reading this post will be more than happy to give this a try!

You all out there should give this a try!

Ingredients (makes 8-10 brioches):

For the brioche dough just follow the instructions in my The BEST pan brioche EVER post, until the step when you take the dough out of the refrigerator

If you have got to this step it means that you have already dedicated several, several and I mean SEVERAL hours to the making of the dough.

Be proud of yourself!

Now grab some of the dough and divide it into balls, one bigger one smaller

Take the bigger ball and press it down in the center to create a hole

In a bowl beat up egg and milk

brush the ball-with- hole piece

then place the smaller ball right in the center

and brush is with the egg and milk mixture too

Repeat with the remaining dough, then let your brioche raise for about 1 hour

Now bake’ em at 180 C for about 30-35 min or until golden brown

Take them out of the oven and give them time to cool down

Enjoy for breakfast with a cup of cappuccino or milk!

One brioche con la palla provides:

  • Calories: 303
  • Fat: 14. 7 g
  • Carbohydrates: 36 g
  • Protein: 6.8 g



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