A list

Here’s a list of things I’m really bad at:

1. Collecting laundry, I can live mine hanging out on the balcony for days…

2. Waking up after 8 am

3. Deciding what to wear in the morning

4. Deciding what to order at a restaurant

5. Remembering name of new people, I sometime save ppl’s numbers in my phone as the friend of, the gf/bf of…

6. Admitting when I am wrong

7. Parking my car at a decent distance from the pedestrian area

8. Chewing red meat

9. Swallowing pills, I’m always scared of choking

10.  Speaking proper English

11. Speaking proper Chinese

12. Speaking proper Italian

13. Taking pictures

14. Understanding how my camera works, with F/stops and Shutter Speed

15. Having nice, long nails

16. Fixing things

17. Smiling and look natural in pictures

18. Being politically correct

I just thought I would share this with you today…might make some of you feel better about themselves…


– LittleDani



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