Easter Dark Chocolate Egg

Easter is just a few days ahead of us and there is no Easter for me without a chocolate egg. Let’s make this clear!

You can find chocolate eggs here in Shanghai, there are a few places that sell them for the cheap price of 180-200 rmb…until last year I basically forced my bf to get me one of these expensive eggs, but this year I have decided to challenge myself and make my own chocolate egg!

Now, I want to make this clear, what I’m showing you is a simplistic way of making chocolate egg, the proper one would require you to bring the chocolate to 45 C, then cool it to 27 C (for milk chocolate) or 29 (for dark chocolate) and then bring it up again to 29 C (for milk chocolate) or 31 C (for dark chocolate).

I’ve simply melted a bunch of dark chocolate bars into a double sauce pan and then pour it into my egg molds and wait for it to cool down and solidify again… I am pretty happy with what I’ve got.

I leave you the freedom to pick the method you prefer…we live in a free country afterwards…oh wait, I don’t! I live in China!


alright, just ignore what I just said…

Ingredients (for one chocolate egg):

  • 500 g dark chocolate
  • 1 egg mold

Grab your egg mold

this is how it looks like, I got mine at H.E.C in Shanghai

Place the chocolate into a double sauce pan

and melt it

Brush about half of the melted chocolate all around the mold

on both sides

and wait for it to cool and solidify

Once hard, brush on top an other layer with the remaining chocolate

then place the molds in the fridge for a couple of hours

Once the chocolate is nice and hard apply a gentle pressure around the edges of each half egg, and get it out of the mold

Brush a bit of melted chocolate around the edges and bring the 2 halves together so that they can stick to each other

And here you have your Easter Chocolote Egg!

I’m going to post more Easter related recipes in the coming days!




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