Top 2010 recipes!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I love ya!

I was going to start this 2011 with a new recipe, a fantastic holiday dish I learnt from my aunt but it didn’t come out like I expected…ok, you can say I totally failed it.

So I have decided to line up here some of what are my favorite Expat Cucina’s recipes.

The Nutella Cheesecake

The Pesto Bread

The Christmas Bocconotti

The Pecan Pie

The Homemade Tagliolini in Salmon Cream

The Mediterranean Noodle Capers

The Super Awesome Smoothie

Ossobuco alla Milanese

Coconut Muffins with Nutella Soft Heart

Lemon Pork Chops

Have a wonderful 2011 everybody!



About the author:

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