Pie Day!

I was going to post a new recipe this morning but over the weekend I’ve been pretty busy with all the Christmas shopping and I had no time for editing my pictures.

Do I edit my pictures?

Yes, I do. Why are you asking?

Ok, I realize the quality of my photos is pretty low and that it’s hard to believe that I actually spend time editing them…well…I’ll tell you something, editing  is something I am trying to pick up. It has been only recently that I have started editing my pictures in the attempt to improve their quality.

I realize I haven’t been really successful so far…

Well, I am studying now how to properly use my camera and balance shutter speed with aperture and play with light, together with some basic of Photoshop. I’ve had headache ever since but guess what, I am not the type of gal that give up on things that easily. So I’ll keep trying until I’ll be able to post a recipe with photos that are not out of focus, blurry or dark…

And once I’ll master the art of photography, I’ll slowly replace all pictures in my previous and earliest posts.

That might take a while, since even the “PS4, All in one for dummies” doesn’t make any sense to me…

Wish me luck!

But today, as recently I have been sharing with you some delightful pie recipes, I’ve decided to bring them all up on the main page!

Let’s call it PIE DAY!

Dani’s Pie Crust

The Creamy Apple Pie

The Divine Pecan Pie

The Best Apple Pie

The Pumpkin Gingerbread Pie

Pasticciotto Leccese (Custard Pie)

Try them all, eat them all, then come back to me and share your delight experience.


– LittleDani

About the author:

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