I had a crazy night yesterday! It all started when I decided to ask my bf to pick up some stuff at the grocery store for tomorrow thanksgiving dinner.

I gave him a list of 10 items. I’ll copy the list below:

Wine (for Sangria)
Fruit (for Sangria)
Smith Apples (no. 3)
Cream Cheese
Candies to decorate the gingerbread house
Corn syrup
Ground pork for Turkey filling
Chicken legs for Chicken broth
Heavy Cream

and then I kept working. Around 6 I got off from work and was heading back home. When I was in the subway my cell phone rang, it was David

Me: hello

David: Dani, how much are Granny Smith Apples?

(the question already surprised me since David is not really the kind of guy that look at prices when he shops)

Me: mmm, last time I paid 20 rmb for 4 apples at cityshop. Why?

David: here at carrefour they are 19 for 2 apples…What do I do?

Me: well…do you want to go all the way to Cityshop only for 2 apples?

David: right…no, ok thanks.

He hang up.

2 minutes later my phone rang again… David

Me: Hello

David: How many potatoes should I get?

Me: well enough for making mashed potatoes for our party and for your office party.

David:mmm, ok…so how many?

Me: get 2 kgs…

Hang up again…

3 minutes later my phone is ringing again

me: hello?

David: Dani…I dont like Carrefour! It’s noisy and crowded!

Me: it’s ok babe, just get what’s on the list, pay and come back home.

I hang up

I just walked out the subway that my phone started ringing again…this time when I picked up there was a awful, loud noise on the background of a woman screaming…

Me: YES!

David: You said we need cream cheese?

Me: Is it on the list?

David: let’s see…yes..

Me: ok then yes, we need cream cheese

David: Where is the heavy cream?

(woman yelling something in Chinese on the background)

Me: What? What did you say?

David: Where is the heavy cream?

Me: oh, right in the fridge section, where milk and cheese are…

David: I see xinxian niu nai

Me: no, Niunai is milk, we want heavy cream

David: How do you call it in Chinese?

Me: Naiyou

David: oh, well I can’t read Chinese…that doesn’t help…

(Woman screaming on the back ground)

Me: What? What did you say?

David: F..(bip)…, why does this B…(bip) have to speak with a microphone right into my ear?!?!?…

Me: Have you found it?

David: no, I see niunai

Me: no David! We need haevy cream, not milk! It should be between the milk and cheese in a blue bottle…

David: I can’t see any blue bottle…

Me: Just ask someone there ok?

David: alright I’ll do that…

We hang up again…I can barely hear from my right ear now….

Time 2 minutes, my phone rang again…I’m pissed now!

Me: What now?

David: where is corn syrup?

Me: It should be in the imported product section…

David: ok, that’s where I am. I can’t see any corn syrup here.

Me: It should be on the right, in front of the Italian pasta.

David: No, there is only the syrup you put on waffles and pancakes.

Me: That’s what I want

David: Dani, that’s not corn syrup…don’t call it corn syrup…

Me: Whatever, it’s syrup…You got everything on the list?

David: yeah, I’ll see you later at home.

I hang up again and finally my phone stops ringing…

I don’t know if it is always a bad idea to ask a man to go grocery shopping, or if we have language barriers, or something else. The fact is: the 100 phone calls, the shouting, me trying to communicate in an English that made any sort of sense made me more tired than if I physically went to Carrefour…

Im exhausted now… I need to sleep.

I’ll see you tomorrow with some Thanksgiving recipes



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