Coffee Ice Cream

This recipe is divine! And easy! And fast!

I LOVE this recipe!

I told you I was going to experiment with coffee, and I did. I experimented a lot and fantastic, extraordinary magic things happened!

I will show you all this over the week starting from today with this amazing coffee ice cream…..well, let me be honest here. This is not real ice cream…I don’t even have an ice cream machine at home, but it definitely tastes like ice cream and it’s just a lot less time consuming.

You gotta try this one!


  • 1 package Cool Whip
  • 1 whole chocolate bar with hazelnuts (or almonds) (90 g)
  • 2 tbsp of strong coffee

So this is what I have done!

I went to cityshop and bought one package of Cool Whip! At first I was conflicted whether to get the fat free one or the extra creamy one…- I know, I am all about extremes – but then I thought that I was going to use an entire chocolate bar for this recipe so fat free or not fat free would have not made a big difference. I got the extra creamy!

(For this recipe you need to leave your Cool Whip out of the counter for about 15 min, so it will soften up!)

Then I made coffee. You want strong coffee…not American coffee folks…nope, I am sorry! Since I wanted the best of the best, I went for the Caffe Crema, which is a delicious, creamy, strong espresso!

I put it into my Castellari Espresso Machine, pressed the bottom and stared at this creamy deliciousness pouring out into my cup…You need to use cool coffee, so leave it there on the counter for about 5 min.

Meanwhile I went ahead, took a chocolate-hazelnut bar

and I melted it in a double sauce pan. It was fun! You could even melt it in your microwave…but mine broke a few weeks ago and I haven’t had time to replace it yet.

Then when the coffee was cool and my Cool Whip soft, I went and added a couple of tablespoons of cool coffee into the Cool whip.

Stirred gently to combine

Then dumped in the melted (but cool) chocolate bar

and here is the magic! the Cool Whip, which is cold, turned the melted chocolate bar into small solid pieces.

Then I refrosted my delicious coffee-choco cream over night. And the following morning….this was it! A fantastic “ice-cream” texture dessert!

Have a good week people!


– LittleDani


Based on PW’s recipe

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