Looking for Buyers at Bottega

I’m bring up an old post, because…because yes I am still looking for buyers….If any of you is interested pls contact me πŸ™‚



As some of you know, Bottega is an Italian wholesale online store that sells cheese, wine, olive oil and lots of other products in China. Buying from bottega is a great deal, since prices are a lot cheaper than at a normal retailer store, the only problem is the quantity you are force to buy when placing an order. For this reason I have decided to use Expat Cucina as a platform to search for people interested in sharing orders together. I am going to list the items I would like to buy. It goes without saying that if any of you wants to buy something else he can post a request in the comment box.


Mascarpone cheese Granarolo: 500 g/ 73 yuan

Mozzarella Granarolo: 100 g/ 23.33 yuan

Pamigiano (Parmesan Cheese): 200g/98 yuan

Stracchino: 100 g/20.83 yuan

Smoked Scamorza: 200 g/51.8 yuan

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