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As most of you know, I am dating an American…yes, you heard me right….an AMERICANO! It has been quite sometime I’ve been with this boy, next month we are celebrating our 3rd anniversary and still, yes STILL, he CANNOT SPEAK Italian! I have tried everything, from giving him lessons, to forcing him to write emails to my mom in Italian…which I guess was not a great idea…until I stumble on this website MY LIFE IN EUROPE a platform to promote Italian language and culture.

I navigated though its pages and I found out they provide online Italian language courses at a very, VERY cheap price. The guides are completed with exhaustive audio and video support! In Total there are 3 volumes, which will bring you step by step into Italian language without bothering you with grammatical rules or too many boring exercises, which is just what my bf was looking for!

I got the first guide and it seems like my bf is finally learning Italiano! Hurra!

What also got my attention and prone me to write about My life in Europe is that this website also provides support to people that just moved to Italy to help them with all the normal difficulties and problems connected with starting a new life in a foreign country, and god know if I know how hard it is to start over  abroad.

If you got any interest in learning Italian language or are planning on moving there, you definitely wanna check out this website. You won’t regret!

This is the link for the courses


– LittleDani

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