My new camera lens

I got a new lens today! My bf came back home tonight with a little present for me…a Nikon 60 mm af-s…a micro lens, HURRA! Finally I can work on my pictures with a proper lens, FINALLY I can get decent photos for my blog and I’l be happy, and you all will be happy, because a good picture is as important as a good recipe!

I was sooo happy that I tested it immediately while I was making sushi for the night.

I shoot at my rice

at the cute grains on the wooden spoon

At the salmon

while I was cutting it into thin slides

At the chopped tuna, for my spicy tuna rolls

and at my cute eel/tuna rolls…look at’ em!

And Im happy and satisfied and proud of my little babies today! 🙂

Have a great weekend you all out there!


– LittleDani

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