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I’m back! I didn’t die nor I got kidnapped … I am fine! I just had one of those BUSY weeks where you wake up at 7 and have a non stop schedule till midnight. But I survived…

But hey, among all the biz meetings and program testing and translation I even had the time for giving my first group cooking class. I had 25 students, all Chinese and all super fun! I loved teaching them Italian food. It was an experience for me…and for them too!

It was a 2 and a half hour class and I taught them how to make tiramisu’, bolognese and carbonara.

This is one of my student…

And these are other two…Aren’t they cute?…

………..yeah, yeah ok, I know what you all are thinking now…that I am even shorter than my Chinese students…just SHUT UP! and think that GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES……I just repeat that to myself every day! 😉

Have a good week folks!


– Little Dani

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