Ice-cream Flower Pot

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I love cooking and I also really enjoy gardening and recently I’ve been experimenting a lot new decorations with Marshmallow Fondant. I first read about this ice-cream flower pot idea on Ree Drummond’s website, but her recipe uses real flowers, instead I have thought that it would have been much more fun make my own flowers using 2 different colors of MMF shaped like a rose on a green stem. Now, my version is still not perfect, as I used a simple paper cup. It would be a lot nicer if you guys could actually get real small flower pots! Either ways this is a very cool and original idea to serve your ice cream 🙂

Ingredients ( 15 flower pots):

  • 150 g Marshmallow
  • 330 g powdered sugar
  • 2 tbsp water
  • food coloring (pink and green)
  • ice cream
  • Choco cops or oreo cookies

In a double saucepan heat the marshmallows with the water.

Once they are melt turn off the heat. Add 125 g of powder sugar and mix till it up with a wooden spoon

Place the dough on a surface covered with powder sugar and kneat it with more sugar (keep your hands covered with powder sugar so the marshmallow wont stick on your fingers). Keep doing so till you have incorporated all the sugar you have

Cover the obtained though with cling film and place in a dry and cool place for 24 h.

After 24h take you MMF, divide it into 2  pieces and using food coloring color one pink

and one green

Take a straw and cut it as long as the cup you will use to serve your ice cream flower pot.

Take a small piece of MMF from the green one and roll it out, then roll it around the straw. Here we have our stem!

Now take a small piece from the pink one, roll it out into a rectangular shape.

Fold it in half.

Place your flower stem on one edge and using your fingers roll it up starting from one edge till you reach the other.

Press all around the bottom of the pink so that it sticks on the green, then open your rose petals.

Here is your MMF flower …cute? 🙂

Now take the ice cream out of the fridge and let it get soft (not too soft though).

Take a small paper cup (or flower pot) and fill it up with the ice cream (mine is strawberry…I love strawberries…)

Then in the middle of your cup, stick in your rose.

In a zip lock bag place a few choco chop cereals or a few oreo cookies

and crumble them……

…….that will be your dirt…place it on top of your ice cream and serve!

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