Shooting and

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Yesterday I had my very first shooting section. I needed some pics for my interview with vivishanghai and they, of course, requested images of me related to cooking. I was kinda nervous cause basically I am not comfortable with having people taking pictures of me. Cause when you have a picture you can look at it over and over again, carefully spotting all those imperfections on someone’s face that we all try to hide!

Anyways, this time I had no choice but stand there and try to look natural and, of course, beautiful….not sure how well that worked out! LOL

Here is what I’ve got!

Here is me doing the Italian secret body language sign saying “mmm, this is yummy!”

This is me cooking (I was actually making dinner)

And this is me showing off my delicious homemade tagliolini pasta : D

Oh, btw I forgot to tell you that starting from last week I have a dedicated column on I will weekly post a recipe with pictures and info on where to buy ingredients and prices.

Check it out!

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