Grekasia Lamb

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Lamb…do I like it? You guys would expect me to say YES, since I grew up in the so called “Grecia Salentina” (greek salento) just a few hours away from Greece…well, emm… I’m sorry to disappoint you but NO, I don’t like lamb meat. However I still use it for cooking and I serve it to my boyfriend who is a huge fan of lamb…he is more Greek related  than I am, LOL!

A few weeks ago we had a little home bbq night and of course my bf bought kilos of lamb assuming that since he likes lamb everybody likes it as well, however  only him and his buddy ended up eating it so I had lots of left-overs of raw lamb meat.

Yesterday morning I remember I had a freezer full of lamb so I took out some of it to use it for making dinner. Since I don’t personally like lamb I don’t even know a lot of lamb-related recipes. I remember my grandma used to cook it with potatoes and some tomatoes so I’ve decided to slightly modify her recipe and make it a little bit more asian by serving it on a bed of crispy rice. My boyfriend liked it a lot, so here I am today sharing it with you 😉

Ingredients (for 2 servings): 原料 (2人份)

  • 300 g lamb meat – 300克羊肉
  • 5 cherry tomatoes – 5个樱桃西红柿
  • 2 small potatoes – 2个小土豆
  • 1/2 small onion –  半洋葱
  • 2 cloves garlic – 2 瓣蒜
  • oregano, salt, pepper, chili powder – 牛至,食用盐,黑辣椒粉,辣椒粉
  • 1 cup rice – 1杯大米
  • 1/2 cup of white wine –  半杯白葡萄酒
  • 3 tbsp olive oil – 3汤匙橄榄油

First of all get all your ingredients ready by: chopping the onion, peeling and cutting into cubes the potatoes and then by putting them in a bowl with a cup of water, by peeling and chopping the tomatoes and by chopping into cubes the lamb meat. 首先把所有的材科准备好:把洋葱切碎,把土豆去皮切块放在一个碗里加一杯水, 把西红柿去皮切块,把羊肉切块

In a skillet heat some oil with the onion and garlic. Cook till the onion is soft. 在煎锅里把橄榄油,葱和蒜加热。

Add the tomatoes and stir. Add 1/2 tsp of salt. 加入西红柿 和1/2茶匙盐。搅拌好

Once the water coming out from the tomatoes is evaporated, add the meat with 1/2 tsp of salt. Stir well. 一旦从西红柿里出来的水蒸发掉, 把肉和1/2茶匙盐加入锅。搅拌好

Pour in 1/2 glass of white wine and let evaporate. 倒入白葡萄酒,使酒清蒸发掉

Now add the potatoes with their water, oregano, chili powder and  black pepper. Cover with a lid and let simmer for about 30 min (or until the potatoes and meat are soft). 再加入土豆(包括水),牛至,辣椒粉和黑辣椒粉。把锅盖子盖上并, 用小火炖约30分钟. (或者到土豆和肉变软的)。

In the meantime cook the rice in your rice cooker. (Add one cup of water for one cup of rice) 同时用电锅把米煮熟。(一杯大米加一杯水)

Put the cooked rice in a bowl and on top of it place your lamb meat. Serve hot! 把米饭放在一碗里。上面加你准备好的羊肉。

One serving provides:

  • Calories: 603
  • Fat: 26 g
  • Carbohydrates: 61 g
  • Protein: 26.9 g

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