Dani’s secret Strawberry Cream

After the Chocolate Syrup and the Caramel Cream, today I’ll show you how to make an other delicious topping.

This time of the year strawberries are everywhere and are also pretty cheap. To prepare toppings made out of fruits it is generally necessary to use gelatine, unfortunatelly I ran out of it and I couldn‘t find it at the local city shop so I’ve tried using some corn starch…I would say that it worked pretty well!

The Strawberry cream is a perfect topping to decorate ice cream, cakes, puddings, and it is perfect for the summer time!

Ingredients: 原料

  • 300 g strawberry – 300 克草莓
  • 1 cup sugar (100 g) – 100 克白糖
  • 4 tbsp water – 4 汤匙水
  • 1 tbsp corn starch – 1汤匙玉米淀粉

Wash and puree the strawberry. 把草莓捣成糊状

In a skillet heat the sugar and water 在煎锅里加热糖跟水

Once it start caramelize add the strawberry puree and 1 tbs of corn starch. 一旦它开始变成焦糖,就可倒入草莓泥和玉米淀粉。

Stir well and let simmer for about 15 min. 混合好, 用小火煮约15分钟。

Let it cool down and use as needed. 使之冷却下来,需要的话即可使用

About the author:

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