Caramel Cream

Today I’m gonna give u the recipe for making Caramel Cream! It is really easy and fast and it can be used to decorate cakes (like the Cheesecake), ice cream, creme caramel and a lot of other things 🙂

Ingredient: 原料

  • 1 1/4 cup sugar (250 g)  – 糖1 1/4杯
  • 2 tbsp water – 2汤匙水
  • 100 ml heavy cream – 重奶油

In a skillet heat sugar and water. 在煎锅里加热糖跟水

As soon and it starts caramelized, turn down the heat and using a wood spoon keep mixing till the sugar it totally caramelized. 一旦它开始变成焦糖,就可关上火,然后用一个木汤匙继续保持混合的状态,直至糖完全焦化.

Add the heavy cream and mix it up. 加入重奶油混合在一起

Let it cool down and use as needed. 使之冷却下来,需要的话即可使用

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