Dani’s Bechamel Sauce

Bechamel Sauce or Besciamella (in Italian), also known as white sauce in the UK, is the mother sauce of French and Italian cuisine and it’s used in many recipes, like the Lasagna.

The Bechamel Sauce is sold at CityShop at 28 yuan for a 250 g package but, since it’s really easy and quick to make, we can just conveninently prepare it at home! The thickness of the final sauce depends on the proportions of milk and flour and on for how long we boil it.

Ingredients: 原料

  • 500 ml milk – 500 升牛奶
  • 50 gr. butter – 50 克黄油
  • 50 gr. flour – 50 克面粉
  • Salt, pepper and netmug – 食用盐, 黑辣椒粉, netmug

In a pot melt the butter. 在煎锅里把黄油加热


Remove from heat and slowly pour in flour 关火慢慢加入面粉。

and mix it up until you get a smooth paste.关火慢慢加入面粉。搅拌至光滑、柔软有弹性。


Slowly pour in the milk. Add salt, pepper and netmug。慢慢倒入牛奶。加盐,黑辣椒和netmug调味即可。


Keep stirring until it starts boiling and gets  as thick as you desire.开火。搅拌至开始变茂密的。

Let it cool down, then store it into plastic or glass containers or use it immediatelly into your recipe!


– LittleDani


About the author:

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